Wiki Edit Tutorial

1.1 Editing the wiki

First, go to the following url,, where you’ll find this:


Next, click “Create account” in the upper right hand corner:


Make an account and then validate your email by clicking on the appropriate button in the email automatically sent afterwards.

Afterwards, please email the webmaster at moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz#moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz with your name and then you will receive a password.

Next press the join button on the home site:


Put in the password provided by the webmaster.

Now you can edit the sites on the wiki!

The pages on the site are organized into three nests as you can see on the homepage.

The links in the first levels of nests go to pages that have overview information on the devices. The second nest goes to the tutorials, FAQ, and support pages for each piece of equipment.


Here’s the overview site for the MakerBot 1:


Let’s edit this page! Scrolling…


The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) –aided editor will appear in the area under the main body of the site.

In this editor, you can modify the text to your heart’s content.
Please try to conserve the format of the test. Format text to header styles if necessary. If you don’t know what “header styles” are, please read the next section.

1.2 Some Editor Tools

Most of this stuff is outlined in this video:

Watch the video, then play around with the code, and then preview it.

Although all the code might look daunting, you can rely on the editor and not have to memorize the pseudo-HTML code that is used to edit the site.

But, here’s how to use dropbox and wikidot to insert images…

1.2.1 Inserting Images Using Dropbox and Wikidot

Install dropbox to your desktop.

Email moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz#moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz to share the “Zahn Center Media” folder.

Once shared, open your “Dropbox” folder:


Open the “Zahn Center Media” folder.
Make a new folder called “[Your name]’s pictures”.
Then, copy your picture you want to include to the “Public” folder nested within the “Dropbox” folder.
Once in the folder, right-click the picture and then go to the Dropbox option and then “Copy public link”.
Go to the editor of the page you are editing.
Click on the insert image icon:


Keep “Source type” as “external image (via URL)”.
Insert the link in the field in red:


Press “insert code”.
You may then move the block of code around to its desired location with respect of the other text.

Then press “Save & Continue”.

2.1 Contact

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster, Joenard by emailing him at


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