Stratasys Prodigy Plus

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The Prodigy Plus by Stratasys is a cheap and accurate alternative to the Objet Eden. If offers good quality prints for a reasonable price. The Prodigy Plus models with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, which allows prints to be strong and durable. The ABS also allows for additional treatments after printing like drilling, tapping, sanding, or painting.

How can I use the Prodigy Plus?

I want to use it by myself

You can use the Prodigy Plus 3D printer by first contacting the Zahn Center's director Haytham Elhawary at ude.ynuc.yncc|yrawahleh#ude.ynuc.yncc|yrawahleh

You will then be asked to attend a training session where the basics of using the machine will be reviewed. After the training session you will be asked to complete several tasks that will teach you how to use the machine. After fulfilling all the requirements you will be able to schedule a time for using the machine.

Use under the supervision of a Zahn SuperUser

Schedule an appointment on the machine reservations page.


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