Objet Eden 333

The Objet Eden 333 is one of the most precise 3D printers in the Zahn center. It used PolyJet technology that gives fine vertical resolution in layers that are 16 microns thin. The Objet uses a wide range of materials ranging from hard to soft and opaque to transparent. The materials on this printer cost around $330 per kg, so please only use this printer if precision is absolutely required for your part.

Like most other 3D printers the Objet' user .stl files. The .stl files can be imported directly into the Object's own printing program and printed directly.

How can I use the Objet Eden 333?

In order to use the Objet Eden 333 you must be certified as a trained user. Please contact the Zahn Center's director Haytham Elhawary at ude.ynuc.yncc|yrawahleh#ude.ynuc.yncc|yrawahleh to organize training or to create a print with the Objet Eden 333.


Material Properties Courtesy of Objet1

Chain.jpg Rigid%20White%20Geometric%20Shape.jpg DinoFingersClose%20TangoGrayHR.jpg

In Stock

Materials Available Upon Request


The Eden 333 is a high maintenance machine. It requires cleaning before and after each print, as well as some long term maintenance. If the machine is well maintained, it will last for a long time, if not, parts can get damaged and repair can be costly. If you treat the printer well, it will treat you well!

Below are instructions on how to use the printer. Checklists are provided to make sure that no steps are missed during the printers use. The full detailed instructions for each step are provided under Instructions.

Watch this video to get a better idea of how the printer works:


Pre-Print Checklist

  • Clean Print Heads
  • Clean Wiper
  • Clean Build Tray

Post-Print Checklist

  • Clean Print Heads
  • Clean Wiper
  • Clean Build Tray

Software Checklist

  • Copy Files to Computer
  • Load Files into Objet Studio
  • Place All the Parts on the tray in the software
  • Validate the Print
  • Run a Cost Analysis to estimate use of model material, support material and build time
  • Save the Build Tray
  • Send the Build Tray to the Job Manager

Full Instructions

If any of the instructions are confusing, please don't experiment on your own. Email Sammy Kupfer on moc.liamg|pukbmas#moc.liamg|pukbmas with any questions.

Objet30 Training Video

These videos are a good reference for the Eden 333.





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