The Zahn Center aims to be the place where the hardware community in New York city congregate to build the next big innovation. We hope to contribute to the community by providing prototyping facilities, event programming and classes. We will also host a diverse and creative group of startups in our 1,500 square feet coworking space.

Admission to Coworking Space

Admission to the coworking space will depend on what project you are working on and its alignment with the mission of the center. We will ask you to fill out the application form listed below describing your project and we will then schedule you for an interview with the director of the center, Haytham Elhawary.

Admitted startups will have access to space in the center, a locker for storage and access to our conference facilities and prototyping room. In addition, members will be trained to use most of the prototyping equipment we have in the center, which will help you accelerate through the prototype iteration cycle. In addition we will provide you with mentorship, access to domain expertise through affiliated faculty members, and the community connections you need to grow your company.

Cost of Admission: If your team is not comprised of anyone affiliated to City College, the cost of admission to the center will be $350 per month per spot. If the team is comprised of students, faculty, staff or alumni of City College, then that cost can be forfeited in exchange for a small portion of equity of the future company.

Apply here

Please fill out this form if you are ready to join us at the Zahn Center!

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