Machine Reservations

Before you proceed to make your reservation

You must be an admitted member of the space. You may apply to be a member here.


Please use the module in the bottom of this page to reserve a machine. If it doesn't show, refresh the page and try again. If that doesn't work please try this link.

How to reserve a machine:

  1. Please select a machine in the upper left hand menu
  2. Select the time on the calendar that you want to start your build.
  3. In the proceeding popup window, make an Appointy account.
  4. Check your email that you used to make your Appointy account for a reservation confirmation.

You can reserve the machine in 30 minute intervals.

You must give us at least least 6 hours notice before reserving a machine.

You can book a machine up to 90 days in advance.

Estimating the time of use

If your job will take more than an hour, please sign up for the appropriate amount of time (i.e. job time = 1 hour, 1 minute -> signup time = 2 hours; also take into account for time needed because of mistakes).

If you are unsure about the time your job will take, please email your part(s) file(s) to "moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz#moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz" and we'll estimate the time you need. For 3D printing, please send us the .stl files. For laser cutting, please send us the .dxf files.

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Cancelling/Reschedule your appointment

  1. Login to your Appointy account.
  2. Go to the module below and click "My Appointments"
  3. Click "cancel".

You can only cancel or reschedule a reservation 6 hours before you reserve the machine.

If you have any questions about your reservation, please feel free to contact us @ moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz#moc.liamg|cynretnecnhaz.

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